Saturday, July 23, 2016

A New Novel Idea...

Lying in bed, putting my brother to sleep, I allowed myself to dream. Or rather, I couldn't keep myself from it. As a result, a new novel idea let loose:
A girl, around 16 years old, has had heart problems since she was twelve. She's been wearing a heart monitor on her belt since.
At youth group one night, a new kid, a boy around her age, showed up. New kids show up all the time; there wasn't anything curious about it. Until her heart skipped again. As usual, she fell to the floor, unconscious. Upon awakening this new boy pulled her aside. Apparently one of the other kids there had told him what happened and how it was nothing unusual. The youth pastor knew what to do and took care of it, so it was no big deal. After all, he was a doctor before becoming a youth pastor. The boy asked her, "You don't actually have heart problems, do you?" A shocking question, coming from this new kid. She stared ahead, refusing to answer. "I checked your heart monitor after you fell. It didn't show any signs of your heart skipping a beat--like they said it does." He looked her in the eyes. "I know what's happening to you and I can help."
So what do you all think? Don't steal the idea. I'm declaring copyright. ; )
I'm really excited about this idea and I'm ready to get started with the plot. Though I won't be completely abandoning the Darrion Marine story. <3

Have a blessed weekend!
Amy Kathleen


Amy said...

For the guys name, I was thinking Truett (yes, like TobyMac's son) and for the girl I was thinking Holly or Hazel or something. What do you think? Any other ideas? I like the rare, original, and unique names.

Thanks a ton!
Amy Kathleen

Mrs. Cookie said...

Very interesting! You have piqued my curiosity!