Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Long Overdue Update of my Life

After several months of school and co-ops, I have distinctly been slacking in my posting. Yet for some reason I tell everyone in the 3D world that I post quite often on here.
I am sorry that I've lied to people. Though I wish it were true.
Maybe that's why I tell people, in hopes that it may someday be true.
Week One with braces
For a little update though, I recently watched Mom's Night Out- which by the way relates to my family 100%
Week Two with braces
 My teeth are getting straight really fast, and the orthodontist says that they will probably put chains on it next time I go there. :-) (The chains make it so all the gaps close)
 Week Three with braces
My mom left for Arizona today (10-21-14) for a week vacation from, well, us ;-)
Funny thing actually, we watched moms night out two nights before she left! Ha! This ought' to be good ;-)
Week Four with braces
As I was writing the date in the column above I noticed it's my parents anniversary today...
Yeah, I don't think they remembered either.  
A picture of Lucie, Katelyn, and I when Lucie was here
We joined three homeschool co-ops (sadly not homeschool groups where we just hang out, like in AZ), HERO, Northern Lights, and PriZim. I'm having troubles at Northern lights though because the kids are not very friendly. None the less there aren't any my age. That is every other Thursday (the other Thursdays we do a Lit Club with them). At HERO I knew twins who went there and they have helped me meet people. Also I am a writer in the Scribbler Newspaper, which the first one came out today. I'm happy about that. I posted a recipe in that one (I posted the Homemade Caramel Frappuccino which you can find the recipe here). That is every Tuesday for Sara and I. And lastly PriZim. I have a couple of friends in this one, one who's mom just had a baby boy...  :-) (Sorry I am unable to get of photo of him right now)
She is really sweet. Funny thing is they named there new baby Nathaniel... We have a Nathaniel too! ;-) That group meets once a month on Friday.
So, yes. I am very busy now but I will try to post here often. You've been very patient with me. Thank you for reading! God Bless!

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