Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Way to Play

I just got back from my Lit Club, and while the memory is still fresh I wanted to share with everyone how we played the game Capture the Flag. I've never really played the real game of this before so I don't know how it really goes, but I guess that just makes it easier for me to remember how to play the new way that a friend of mine made up. So the book we had to read was The Art of War by Sun Tzu and because it didn't really have characters or anything to talk about we played a game instead and we changed the rules to be more like the book.

 So at my friends house he had a big backyard and tons of woods so it was easy to hide the flag. We had eleven people and because the number was odd, we did something that might surprise you. We had 7 people on one side and 4 on the other. But get this, one of the people on the big teams side was a converted spy (which Sun Tzu said and I quote, "Having CONVERTED SPIES, getting hold of the enemy's spies and using them for our own purposes"). So the team with the least amount of people have a bigger advantage and it's okay now that the numbers are uneven 6 to 5.
NOTE: The spy reveals himself whenever he wants to by showing his card to the team with the least players.
 So where the house was, that was no-mans-land. You can't get tagged in that area unless someone else is holding somebodies hand and they tag you. You go to jail (both teams share a jail). But if someone was holding somebodies hand they could tag, but not get tagged unless someone with a party of 3 tags you. The one person who was tagged then goes to jail while the other one who wasn't tagged is still free.
 Run for your freedom my friend!
 So before we began we were handed a card and told not to show anyone. The Kings cards mean they are the General of that team, and the Ace card means you are the spy.
NOTE: There is only one Ace card and two Kings cards in the deck of eleven (or however many people you are playing with)
 The team with the least amount of players picks a side. The team with the most players (it would still be 7 until after the flag is hidden and when the Spy chooses to reveal himself) has the General hide the flag. No one can know where he hid the flag. Whereas the team with only 4 players can all know where the flag was hidden (which the General still has the privilege to hide it).
 We have three minutes to hide it and start the game. We have two or more people at the front of the woods tagging whoever comes by and tries to get our flag while the rest is trying to find the enemies flag. The game ends when one of the two teams finds the opponents flag.

Ready, Set, Play! And have fun!<3

If you have any questions about the game please leave a comment.
God Bless!

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