Thursday, October 6, 2016

Growing Deeper and Deeper and Deeper

So aside from all the drama that's going on in my life (that I am not willing to tell you about at this moment), life isn't so bad. I mean, I've been doing some ancestry search at the library after co-op on Thursdays and that has been incredible! I love searching ancestry stuff. : ) The boys are starting to get into a fabulous routine! I've started a "Growing Deep" personal devotion thing that is going beautifully. We started it in our youth group as a thing we have to complete if we want to go on a mission trip to Mexico in January, but I'm not doing it just to go on the mission trip. I'm excited to use it as a way to get closer to my God and I'm loving it so far! Soon my small group will be starting a devotion called, "Brazen." I'm super excited about that because I am super insecure and this is supposed to help us become secure and release our inner brazen : ) I love it!

Oh, and tomorrow night is a lock-in at my church. I'll be going to that too. We'll see how that goes. It starts at 7pm and goes till 6 in the morning. I'm excited, but I'm going to be SO tired.
So there you go. A nicer update on my life. See, its not bad here at all <3
Love you guys!
God Bless, Amy Kathleen

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