Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Arrived and Not Dead...Yet

So guess what, guys...We made it safely to Arizona. It took FIVE whole days to get here. It has never taken us so long to get here before... : /
Well, we had some car trouble with our van. It wasn't shifting well up and down the mountain and our van was overheating and two hoses were cracked and leaking. Grandpa got a ticket going down a 7% grade mountain going 70 in a 45! Dad left his phone at a Fazoli's and had to turn around and get it. Grandpa jackknifed Dad's truck (broke the side light cover of the camper, dented the bottom bumper of the camper, and rubbed paint on the front bumper of Dad's truck). We left on Wednesday night at midnight so everyone was EXHAUSTED and we had to stop several times the next day to rest. And every stop we made took about an hour each. (I apologize for the non-chronological order here).
But now we are here and we are all still alive. For now.
So all my fears that I mentioned before are still here. Confirmed even. But I know that God will make this good, like he always does.

Signing off,
Amy Kathleen
P.S. Please pray:
-that the AC gets fixed in our house.
-that I may have faith instead of fear.
-that we may use our faith to impact many here.
Keep your eyes pealed for pictures of our trip. <3 ; )

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