Thursday, May 28, 2015

Books and extra info

 I have recently talked to a friend who has been blogging for years and it has encouraged me to write more. Of course I won't be spending all my time on here, now that's absurd, but I will be writing more.
 I have just edited my blog (obviously) and though I like the other look better, I feel like this one is less crowded- if you know what I mean. And soon I will be adding a "coming soon" or "look for this" thingy on the side telling what I will be posting in the future. Hopefully that will encourage you and me.
 Aside from that, I'd like to introduce a book a friend has lent me recently. Now I'm not the romance-book-type, but this I've gotta say is pretty good. It's called Holly's Heart by Beverly Lewis. The description is under the picture. Thanks!

Holly's Heart books are fun and captivating stories for early teen readers. Holly is just about to turn thirteen and she has a lot going on in her life. She's learning to adjust to living in a one parent home, dealing with an absent father and moving into a blended family—all while figuring out how to depend on her faith to help her though all the challenges of contemporary teen life. Appealing to both parents and teens alike, these are stories that early teen girls will love.

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