Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day at the Childrens Museum

So today we got up and left the house like we'd usually do every other Thursday, but I guess it was only the first and the third Thursdays of every month. Whoops. But since we were out we went to Savers- and I found the book...
For those of you who don't know, my mom left for a week (Tuesday 21- Tuesday 28) and that Friday we had a neighbor come over and do a movie night. She brought over Divergent and this was the first time any of us had watched the movie. I fell in love with the movie and then wanted to read the book. So I got it for $2.99 at Savers :D

Anyways, we left Saver after only getting three books (Divergent, The first Percy Jackson book, and The first Harry Potter book) and we decided to go to the Children's Museum for the first time. And because we won a year long membership about a year ago and thought we'd go- since we had it. ;-)
But on the bright side, the membership didn't start until we used it first! So it was okay. ;-)

Well, on the down side, we almost lost Levi. Yep, I know, we are horrible.
So what happened was we were in one of the rooms, and we do shifts with the boys (I had Nathaniel at the time), and so I thought one of my sisters had Levi, the she (not saying who) thought Levi was with my mom. But he wasn't because she thought he was with my sister.
 About ten minutes later I passed Nathaniel over to my mom so he can eat and my mom told me to round everyone up so we can go to the next room and when I went to get Levi and my sister, my sister didn't have him.
 And the funny thing is, earlier we were listening in on two staff members talk about a missing child and was thanking God he was with one of us.
So we went up two flights of stairs and found him driving a staff member in a play car in the Clifford room. So cute. And SO glad we found him. But it was so not funny at the time.
 Well, that was todays crazy adventure, now I have to go spend time with the family. ;-) With NaNo coming up I'm afraid I will be on the computer 24/7 :-/

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Mrs. Cookie said...

He sure didn't think he was lost! He was just going about his busy-ness! So cute!