Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something to make you smile

Some people ask me why I'm not looking for someone. But I tell them that I'm just waiting for the right guy, who will come at the right time. God's time.
So until that day comes, and after that even, I will praise His name.
I am a Princess because of the one who saved me.
So no matter what you think of me, what others say behind my back, I don't care. You and your friends can keep on whispering, because for me, and those that love me, we are not caring other than with love.
Because the One who Saves forgives, and forgiveness is the best medicine you can find to heal a broken heart.
But true forgiveness can only come from the heart, and the heart only comes in God's hands, and God's hands are what holds the Kingdom of Heaven.
And the Kingdom of Heaven is where the Father is, and the Father is the reason that I'm here.
The reason that I can breathe.
The reason I can laugh and play with my loved ones. And I can't imagine living without that happiness that God has given.
So I am going to keep living, keep praising God, keep praying to my Father, my Prince, my Love.
God Bless, Amy
<3 Jesus was my first love <3
Pictures from Pinterest/Google.
Drawing of the God Girl is
mine, and I also own the quote up
above, but I do not own the picture.

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