Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Story//Requesting Critique

The Lord is near. -Philippians 4:5


 The sun was shining bright that autumn day, though I was the only one awake to see it. It's six o'clock, about time for the sun to rise. I opened up my planner to see what lies ahead of me today. So young, and so confused. Unknowing of the real challenges God plans for my day.

School, work, eat, jog, chores, nothing different in todays plans than yesterdays. Surely it would be easy. So I set out to do it, like always.

Hours have past since that moment, and I plan for it to keep passing, diligently. Breakfast, check. School, check. All that was good until it came time for my afternoon jog. I set out to doing so, but as I did I couldn't remember where I had put my other shoe. After an hour has past and I still didn't know where my other shoe was, I got very angry. But not just any anger, I was angry towards the Lord.

"That man ruined my plans again." I said aloud. Not knowing the harm it could have done. At that moment it was an invitation for the devil to come into my life.

Instead of struggling to find my other shoe, I decided to ask my sister if I could borrow hers, because it was now one o'clock and she'd be awake. "Surely my sister is kind enough to let me wear her shoes for today." I said aloud, once again.

I walk toward the classroom, where she was quietly doing her school work. "Sister, could you lend me your pair of running shoes for my jogging today, I happened to misplace mine?" I said, hopefully.

"No, sister, you may not borrow my pair of running shoes, for I need them for my own jogging later." She replied.

"What will I do now?" I asked myself. "If my own sister isn't willing to give up her shoes, how will I be able to go on my afternoon jog?" Todays plans weren't going the way I had planned, and I was even more angry towards the Lord. Which, in the devils mind, I was pleading for him to ruin my day further more.

So, I later decided to skip my jogging for today, for three hours have past since I was supposed to be back. So, caring on with my other plans for the day, one by one each of them were ruined. Which only increased my anger with my God.

It was now time for bed, missing my nightly prayer, I was in a very deep sleep. I soon began to have a dream.

I was on a boat, a small fishing boat for that matter. And it was stormy, I could no longer see the shore and I didn't know which way to row. Waves came crashing at me and I heard a voice that came from the north side of the boat. I turned to see it, and as you can imagine, I saw the Lord, yards from me. But I was in no mood for talking to Him, for He ruined my plans for today. So I turned back around, ignoring His plea for me.

I woke up late the next morning, disappointed once again in the Lord. The day turned out much like yesterdays, and by the time I was sound asleep again, I was back in the boat with the storm worse than the night before.

"Come to me." I heard Him say. As tempting as it was, I was still quite cross with Him.

Days have turned into weeks, night after night dreaming the same dream, until one night when it began to snow. Fall has now turned into winter, and this pleased me quite a lot. That night, when I was back in the boat, I heard the Lord say to me. "Daughter, my dear daughter. You are lost and you need to be found. You have let the evil one take control of your life. Don't let him, take those controls and give them to me. For I have much better plans for you than you or the devil do. Trust me, my dear one. Take my hand, and trust me."

And at that I took His hand and the waves suddenly disappeared. I have been mad at Him for so long, when it wasn't even His fault but the devil him self's fault. I was quick to apologize to my Father, and asked His forgiveness. "Of course you are forgiven, my daughter." And at that, as if on cue, I was awake, and together, my God and I started the day off right.

Just remember, your best protection is to Thank God in times of trouble.

Written by Amy Kathleen

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