Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am joining a "Be my Valentines day event @ Simple Delights"

There will be giveaways, special recipes, DIY crafts,

outfit ideas and movie picks for Valentines Day.
I hope your able to join! ;-)

1). What is your favorite part about Valentines Day?
My sisters birthday :-)
2). Your favorite romantic movie
Ever After.
3). Dark or milk chocolate?
None of the above.
4). What is something you do to make Valentines Day special?
Celebrate my sisters birthday.
5). Which would you prefer getting as a gift on Valentines Day: Flower or chocolates?
Flowers. I don't love chocolate. :-/
6). If you're married, what do you enjoy doing with your husband to celebrate?
7). If you're single, what do you hope to do with your husband if you get married someday?
Eat Heart candy and watch romantic movies.

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