Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is book #2

This is my new book (well not so new anymore I'm more than half way done with it!) The secrets beneath!! :D

I will now read the back to you!

Something strange is going on in Middlefeild

and Bekah is determind to find out what it is.

First her cousin, Amanda shows up to live

with them for the school year, and no one will tell

Bekah why.

When Bekah starts asking questions, Mami

and Daed tell her to mind her own business

about Amanda and the house next door. But

Bekah just can't resist her curiosity. Just when

she thinks she'll be able to crack the case, she ends

up in real danger. Are some secrets best left for God

to resolve?

When I'm done with the book I'll give you a short summary

of the book!

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