Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. sixteen boxes of books arrived in the mail. If each box held one dozen books, how many books did I receive?

2. one-half of Hannibal's elephants died as they struggled over the Alps. Another one-fifth did not survive the march down Italy. What part of his elephants did Hannibal lose?

3. Rachel earned $33 dollars a day for 15 days. How much did she earn?

4. Shawn needs 80 post for the fence he is putting up. He has only nine-tenths of what he needs. How many post does Shawn have?

5. Clyde grew 1/12 of a foot last month and 1/6 of a foot this month. How much more did he grow this month than last month?

6. Ryan is making a rectangular picture frame for a picture that is 13 inches wide and 18 inches high. He can buy the wood in pieces that are 24 inches long. Will two pieces be long enough to make his frame? (first find the perimeter of his picture, then find out if 2x24 will be long enough.)

This next one I got from toco bell!

7. If you can get 12 toco's for $10, then how much would each toco cost?

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