Thursday, August 20, 2015

Declutter Time!

Hey everyone!
 This past few weeks that I've been back from France I have helped my family declutter everything. First I did my closet and now I have so few clothing that I feel AMAZING!
Next my parents did there clothes and got rid of 8 bags of clothing!
After that we did the boys toys... we're still doing the boys toys but we are a lot closer than before. So far we got rid of 8 bags/boxes of toys and we're trying to get rid of more!
Our house looks so much nicer without the random toys everywhere. The boys don't even play with any of them.
So, next week we will start on the kitchen/cook-book area, which is in desperate need of help. I'm so excited!
After that I hope to get rid of the random "stuff" in my room.
And guess what... we're looking to move. Somewhere... anywhere. Probably Arizona. But shh, nothing is official but everything must be kept a secret. ;-)

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Mrs. Cookie said...

Must. Declutter. More!!!