Friday, November 7, 2014

Planning for College... Yikes!

 So last night Sara, my mom, and I went to a College and Career meeting at a church in Plymouth... that was a long way from my house by the way. But it was totally worth it. That lady (Cheri Frame) packed a whole lot of information in such a short time.
 I am super excited though. Most people know how I want to be a midwife someday and this thing confirmed it... Well, kind of.
 So I took the online self-assessment and my highest interest was Artistic, and my next highest was Social (which is only one point lower). My overall score didn't tell me that I could be a midwife, it told me I should be a teacher. But when I looked under Social it said
And because it is the second highest on my chart, I win ;-)
 Some requirements for being a midwife says I need to be able to teach, and like I said, it wants me to be a teacher, which works out for me... I'm so happy!! <3
 So now I am trying to buy a book that my mom's old midwife suggested I should read: Heart and Hands by Elizabeth Davis ;-)
 I'm so happy!
I'll let you know how that's going for me later on. ;-)
God Bless!

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Mrs. Cookie said...

It was very informative and very interesting and pretty much just awesome! That lady knows STUFF!!