Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Reason For Everything

I once heard a story about a girl, she had a younger sister and a mother. Her mom did not like her, but she liked her younger sister. She sent the girl to the orphanage, but not the child's younger sister. She did not feel loved. Her mother did not love her. Her sister did not love her. And no one at the orphanage loved her. For many years she was at the orphanage, but one day a pastor came to talk to the kids there. He talked to them about God, and gave them all a Bible. The girl then realized there was someone who loved her. God. She was forgiven, and from that day forward she prayed. She prayed for someone to adopt her, but no one did. Short years after that she was eighteen and was told she can leave the orphanage. She got a job as a missionary. And met people who soon became her friends. She eventually got married and adopted kids.

Everything in life has a reason. You may not know it now, but soon God will show His reasons.

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