Friday, March 14, 2014

Modesty: My Answers

If I wore what I'm wearing when I met Jesus, how would I feel about that? That is the question I need to be asking myself everyday when I get dressed. 

I am not bad with modesty. I am really good with it. But when it comes to summer time, I can go a little wayward. And I know it.
But this year is going to be different. I've researched modesty a dozen times and I finally came up with my answer.
If I wear what I'm wearing when I meet Jesus, how would I feel?
Modesty can...
...still be cute!
 But I {still} don't want to wear a skirt all of the time, but I do want to dress modestly. So what am I going to do?
I can still dress modestly without a skirt. {Yes!}

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vacation Starts... Next Week

We will be going to Arizona for three weeks, so I will not be posting much here. Really, I won't be posting anywhere except the Living Water blog. So I'll apologize now for not posting while I'm away.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Modesty Questions: Need Answers

I have questions about modest and I will be asking these following questions, hoping for an answer.

  I am a girl who is clueless on what modesty is. Well, I know a lot about modesty but I want to know more (which is more accurate than being clueless).  A lot of girls think that wearing long skirts is modest. I agree, but I don't like to wear skirts. And I don't like the look of really high shirts either. So what do I do?
(Picture from Fresh Modesty)

Okay, I'm making myself sound weird. I like wearing skirts, but I don't like feeling naked underneath it. And I like t-shirts, which also is high. But that's not my point.
  Are jeans modest? Is a normal long sleeve shirt modest?
But it doesn't yell modesty, does it? But is yelling "I'm a modest girl" really matter?
It's not like I walk around in shorts and spaghetti straps all day everyday (I won't show a picture of that). So I'm fine, right?

This is what I currently call modesty:

But I'll be going to Arizona in a few days, and I am not wearing that (I might die of a heat stroke) so what do I do then? I read a post about shorts last summer, and now I have a limit for how short my shorts go, but what about my shirt? I need to wear something that won't make me hot (because it's a hot state), but it can't be immodest. (And I can't wear anything that touches my armpits because I have a seriously bad case of armpit-sweating. I even sweat when it's 4 degrees outside. That's weird!) See what I mean? I'm in deep yogurt, and I don't really know how to swim in yogurt, so I might drown in my favorite snack... that would be a nightmare-come-true. But I also want to wear a sundress one or two days while we're there. But is there such thing as a modest sundress? Please help!
Thank You!
God Bless, Amy