Saturday, February 22, 2014


Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! And Happy Birthday Katie! I have a very funny story to tell you (Hint: the title of this post), basically it's what my brother told me this morning.
 So I go in my moms room, where my brothers sleep, both Carter and Levi are awake at this point. I go to take Levi out and Carter tells me, "Amy, Levi peed in my pant last night."
 HAHAHA! Okay, let me finish.
 So that's like the craziest thing I have ever heard, so I began to correct him when I realize I better here the whole story first. "Uh, Carter, I'm not sure tha... Uh, I mean, how did he manage that?"
 "He just peed on my pants and take my other clean pants off and put these ones on."
He is officially crazy. Levi is in a Levi-proof-crib{haha Levi}... so he can't get out on his own.
So I just let that be as funny as it was, and continued to take Levi out. I brought him to the living room and finished Levi proofing the kitchen. No sooner did Carter yell, "Amy! He peed on my underwear too!"

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