Friday, January 31, 2014

An Update On My Life

Amy Kathleen
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Just so everyone is caught up with my life, I will be doing a quick post on what I'm doing in this freezing  weather and how I keep warm.
Well, I went to the orthodontist in December and they said I can't get braces until my twelve year molars grow in. But, we recently figured out that some people don't get them until there eighteen. :-( I did not like the answer Dr. Kingwa gave me (that is not his actual name, I just can't remember what it really was but it sounded something like that). But, earlier that month we went to a dentist that gave us four different places that they recommend, and Dr. Kingwa's wasn't on there. (Dr. Kingwa was the orthodontist I went to before we moved.) Well, we went to one of them that was on the list of recommendations (because the first appt. is free), which is also the same one my friend is getting hers at, and they said that I don't need my twelve year molars for braces anyways. So, when we come to visit at the end of March (maybe), I may or may not have braces. It depends on how long it takes to get another appointment. Yippee!! :-)
Also, I got bangs back when Ms. Heather/Ms. Amanda/Ms. Sarah came to visit. Done by my favorite crazy hair lady. ;-) Then we went to the mall a few days later with them and I got my ears pierced a second time. :-) So, you might not recognize me when we come to visit. :-)
Jeans+ tank top+ long sleeve+ long underwear+ long bra (do they make those?)+ sweater+ jacket+ second jacket+ three pairs of socks+ boots+ hat + three pairs of gloves+ face cover thingy+ thick snow pants= lots of laundry
Yep, that's life here up north. But, if you come visiting here in the summer, I promise it will be beautiful! (BTW summer only comes for a month, and maybe every other year)

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