Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Starting School

We just started school on Monday (8.19.2013) and I wanted to share a few things with everyone.

I am going to tell you the curriculum I use for each subject (not all, but some).

Math: Teaching Textbooks (Pre-Algebra)

Science: Biology (Apologia)

Spelling: Spelling power (Level 8.5)

Writing: IEW

Reading: Independent Literature and Guides

Bible: Jesus Calling

Grammar: Rod & Staff and Our Mother Tongue

Logic: Building Thinking Skills

Social Studies: Tapestry of Grace (Year 3)

Spanish: Instant Immersion

Health: Intro to Psychology

Fine Art: Meet the Masters

Phy Ed: Zumba and Cross Fit

Electives: Career Exploration and Child Development

We also got new planners when we went to the Arizona Home-School Convention, I am so excited to use them. :-)

Have you started school? Have a great week!

God Bless, Amy


Amazing Crazy Hair Lady said...

So, how are the classes coming?

Amy said...

Great! We started slowing down after Christmas though, because of how hectic it was at the time, and then the baby coming. It's a good thing we do school all year round! :-)

Amy said...

Hey! I just realize you have your name as Amazing Crazy Hair Lady! ;-) I love it!