Friday, December 21, 2012

Out to find the perfect tree.

In the car leaving.

In the car on our way.

Hiking to find the perfect Christmas tree.

SNOW!!!! Oh how I miss you snow!


Cool looking tree!
Our friends came with us!
I love you snow. (The bag of sticks and pine cones looks like an animal... teehee)

Beautiful snow. And my dilapidated (warn out, broken down) boots.

Jaide and I. I couldn't see ahead of me, so I put my hat that way. lol.
Funny face.
One red leaf.
Only one. (in that area)

Okay, we went back and forth now, we can't find a tree. HOT CHOCOLATE TIME!!
Our stir stick. Literally a stick we picked of the ground!
I'm watching you!
It's SO good. We should do this all the time!
BABY!!! She is so sad.

Okay I have no pictures of our tree. But we have it now!
In the car on the way back.
Happy baby.
Jaide has discovered how I act when I am tired and am trying to stay awake. She is freaked out! lol.

P.S. We picked the UGLIEST trees in the woods. I am not kidding.

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