Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip To Minnesota And Back

We had A LOT of fun on the trip back from Minnesota! Are Aunt tagged along... I think that was what made it the most fun!
The Welcome Sign!
 Jeanne and I at the Ice cave thing on the way back from MN.
P.S. We are looking at 2 different cameras!
This is me, I decided to grow a mustache... what do you think? LOL!
 There where beautiful flowers everywhere!
 More beautiful flowers.
 It was a long car ride from MN to AZ!
  Of course they are sisters!!!:-) Very beautiful ones too!
That is cool looking!
More  Rocks.
 Ice cave. Just simply Beautiful.
 We had a plan... it's complicated! LOL!!!!!
  Beautiful. I LOVE SISTERS!!!!!! <3
I'm telling you the flowers we GORGEOUS!!

 The best aunt, and I! I am soo lucky to have her as my aunt, you have no idea!
Thee most beautiful Aunt... IN THE WORLD!!!
Gorgeous I tell you Gorgeous!!!:-)

~This is at a different place~
Dorthy's house... I think.
Baby Carter at The Wizard Of Oz play set thing!
 We are MUNCHKINS!!!:-)
 We are standing by Dorthy and Toto.
The family... I can't believe I'm going to have another baby brother!!!
Look at us Munchkins! :-P
It's a beautiful castle!! I'm not sure what it's from though! Hmm...
Beautiful sunset!
So pretty... Mama, I have a feeling were not in Minnesota anymore! LOL!
Somewhere over the rainbow.

~Pictures of us in Minnesota~
Me, myself, and I

He is hysterical!
Happy Independence day!
Baby Brittney (not so much of a baby anymore... she grew  A LOT)
It doesn't fit as well as I planned!:-(

Olivia (Cousin)
Aliyah (Cousin)
I don't know why I don't have a picture of Sofia!:-(
Megan and I
Our Grandparents! I <3 them!
Our Grandparents and us! We love them!!!:-)
My (other) Grandma drew this picture of me when I was (A LOT) younger... I love dogs!
Sorry it's another sideways picture!:-( Anyways, it's a picture
 of my Grandma and I... she is soo cool!:-)
Daddy makes me laugh... REALLY HARD!!!:-)

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