Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I miss my daddy:(

This is my sister, my dad, my dog, and me on the last
day we got to see him before we left i'm still crying:(


Miss Tirzah said...

I'm sorry you miss him Amy! I'm sure he misses you too! Cheer up! Love ya!

Mrs. Cookie said...

Your Daddy loves you very much and misses you too! He is also very happy that you get to have this adventure and learn so much! Cheer up, before you even know it, we will be back, your face will be gross from being licked on by your dog, your side will hurt from laughing with your Dad, and your adventures will be a memory for your whole life! {{hugs}}

Amy said...

ok, thanks tirzah:D you made me feel alot better so did you Mrs. Cookie thanks you guys made me feel good inside, Mrs. Cookie you are right my dog rusty will lick me to death, and my dad will make me laught to death. LOL
And I sould anjoy AZ while it lasts:D