Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Arrived and Not Dead...Yet

So guess what, guys...We made it safely to Arizona. It took FIVE whole days to get here. It has never taken us so long to get here before... : /
Well, we had some car trouble with our van. It wasn't shifting well up and down the mountain and our van was overheating and two hoses were cracked and leaking. Grandpa got a ticket going down a 7% grade mountain going 70 in a 45! Dad left his phone at a Fazoli's and had to turn around and get it. Grandpa jackknifed Dad's truck (broke the side light cover of the camper, dented the bottom bumper of the camper, and rubbed paint on the front bumper of Dad's truck). We left on Wednesday night at midnight so everyone was EXHAUSTED and we had to stop several times the next day to rest. And every stop we made took about an hour each. (I apologize for the non-chronological order here).
But now we are here and we are all still alive. For now.
So all my fears that I mentioned before are still here. Confirmed even. But I know that God will make this good, like he always does.

Signing off,
Amy Kathleen
P.S. Please pray:
-that the AC gets fixed in our house.
-that I may have faith instead of fear.
-that we may use our faith to impact many here.
Keep your eyes pealed for pictures of our trip. <3 ; )

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Prone to Wander

Hey Everyone! Its a Thursday. We're in August. There's about 14 days till we move. I'm having a sleepover with a close friend of mine. This is sort of goodbye (sort of).
I was over at some family's house on Saturday and we had a mini-party (a.k.a.: a family-goodbye-party). It was fun but sad. I don't like goodbye's.
On Sunday we went to my cousins before-the-wedding party (I'm not really sure what you call that--its too early *running on little sleep*) that was another family-goodbye-party of sorts. We don't get to see everyone that often and that was kind of goodbye.
On Monday I invited a ton of friends to help us pack the house...there was about five friends that could make it...and it was a blast! I'm extremely sad about that though. Why on earth do these people have to make it so hard to leave them?!? (but I am so thankful for the help, you guys! Come again soon! <3)
On Tuesday we went to the lake with more friends--as usual on Summer-Tuesdays. It was a blast, as always.
Wednesday we picked up a friend of mine so she could spend the night and hang out with us at youth group. The real reason she came is so that she could meet that one guy I mentioned in a previous post...but he was--for one of the first times since my coming to youth group--was gone. And you wanna know where her was?
Too bad, I'm not telling you. That'd be rude.
; P
So now we have today. Thursday. Guess what comes on Thursday...the parts of the U-Haul truck. That basically means we begin loading the truck today....
I'm not going to cry.
I'm not going to cry.
I'm not going to cry.
Once we get to Arizona, everything will be fine...right?