Friday, January 22, 2016

What Time is it?

Car wash time!
 While Mom is at her Bible Study, the boys wanted to give there cars a wash :-)
 I really like this activity for them because even though it is water and can get a little messy, it's quick to create and keeps them occupied for a looong while :-)
 We blended water and dish soap, poured it into one bucket while in the other we put clean water for the rinsing (in this picture the clean water bucket looks really soapy) and finally a towel for drying the cars.
 Oh yeah, and old tooth brushes to scrub with. :-)

 I can't imagine a life without these three boys. I love them! :-)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Slowing Awakening

For the past three years (since we moved back to Minnesota) we have all been sleeping. We had blindfolds cover our eyes so that we cannot see anything clearly. We were blind.
"Though they have...eyes, they cannot see." Psalms 135:16
My Uncle came into town a few weeks ago (for Christmas) and he said something that awakened us. And at that moment God opened our eyes to see the truth of what we've become. Like the story in the Bible (found in John 9 and Mark 8) of where Jesus healed the blind man so he can see, we are no longer blind.
And like when Captain America woke up from sleeping for a generation (give or take) things were different (referring to the not-great different).

We stopped fighting. We let the darkness take over our life.
But the darkness mustn't stay here any longer. With these new pair of eyes God has given us, we can now see the trouble that giving up has caused. With these new pair of eyes, we can bravely fight against the devil again. With more strength and power than ever before.
We can now boldly say, "In the Name of Jesus, Satan get out of our house [and lives]"
And faithfully, we all desperately cry out, "Amen!"
Never again shall we give up. The consequences for that were huge and painful. They still are. We are praying every morning that things will be better. We pray for strength to overcome the darkness in exchange for God's Great Light, so that someday we may spend forever with Christ our Lord.
Pray for us. This life will never be easy. Pray for God's Angels to protect our house and our family. Every time we open the door Satan finds a way to sneak inside but that is not okay anymore. Please be praying.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Learning How to Cope

It's really hard living here. And I know I've said it a thousand times, but I miss living in Arizona. My best friend is living the life I have always dreamed of having - one that I can't have here in Minnesota.
She sings at church, she works at the church cafĂ©, she volunteers to work with the children and/or preteens, the youth pastor loves her, she has close friends inside youth, she has gone to camp with the church nearly a dozen times, and she is wanted and known in her church.
Those are all the things I've dreamed of.
Those are still all the things I dream of.
It's really hard because even if we did move back to Arizona things will be so different. One of my friends is graduating this year. But that is only a small thing. All my friends have grown up without me. Whereas I have been stuck here, not living.
I have a really hard time with this. (So hard that I am supposed to be doing school right now (and if mom finds out that I am not doing it, oh boy!) but I cannot think/see through the tears.)
Why did we have to leave?
The story is that my Dad's work moved us back. But what if there is more to the story?
Mom says God didn't want us to move but man's will got in the way of God's.
Could it be true?
The thought of that alone brings another round of tears, therefore we will not open that can of worms right now.

My life here in Minnesota hasn't been all bad though. Sometimes I need to remember these things and they help.
For example:
-I've gone to FRANCE!! I probably would have never made it there living in Arizona (I mean seriously, Arizona is so awesome -  why would anyone want to leave?)
-We would never have met Lucie (our French friend)
-We saved a little girls life! She got lost at the mall and went outside to look for her parents. She was heading for the road.
-We got to know family better!
-I played a large role in my Aunt's life - she nearly got an abortion!
-I have made some pretty great friends! They have been very supportive throughout my difficult times.
-Would we have ever heard of THM??
-I am the Editor in Chief of a newsletter in my Homeschool Group!
Once I count all the blessings, things here don't seem so bad after all. My life in Arizona will just have to wait. I am learning how to cope. It isn't easy, and I expect a lot more times where I fall helplessly to the ground in hopes that if I fall far enough I'd make it down to Arizona. But I just need to remember that God is really good at making beauty from ashes.
Please pray for me and my family. I know a lot of people don't understand how this feels and I don't expect you to. All I ask is for some grace and prayers. Thank you!