Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preschool With The Boys

This is what school looks like on Thursdays. Mom, Katie, and Carter are at co-op and Sara is gone on a special trip.
We watched the Leap Frog Letter Factory movie, colored on the white board while I read them "A is for Apple" and "Dr. Seuss's ABC book," then we got out our homemade pumpkin spice scented play-dough. We made a play-dough race track and raced our cars around.


 For Snack Time we chose the letter C and had 2 Cookies and 2 Carrots. Surprisingly they ate the carrots better than they ate the cookies. ;-)

After snack we played "doctor." Mainly because I tripped and hurt my knee (which was nothing an ice pack couldn't fix). Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that, being the patient in all. One thing I learned today is that Levi loves carrots, playing doctor, and playing with cars/play-dough. 
I love doing school with my brothers! They are so much fun! 
Have a great week!
-Amy Kathleen