Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Second year of JA Biztown

As a lot of you know, this year at Biztown wasn't so great, although I was the Mayor. Well I was supposed to be the Mayor anyways. Until someone (not naming any names) ruined my "awesome" first day on the job!  It's probably the best idea to just not say anything more, otherwise this post could go on forever!

 This is us three girls, at Papa John's resterant in Biztown.
 Here is a side-ways picture most of us!
 Katie, at work, as a CFO of the newspaper.
 Here I am, substatuting as a Atorney (Instead of the Mayor!)-:
 Here is Alaiya, she works in the DJ place (Not the DJ though!)
 All of us in an airplane!
Here is Alaiya (right), Rachel (middle), and Me! (left)