Saturday, January 8, 2011

We went to the park today!

Today we went to a Homeschool co-op at the park and met some new friends!:D The Park.

Mary Grace.

Alayia.( I think that's how you spell her name)

Sara in Mary Grace's hat.

The Talented Fiona.

P.s. she can do this even when nobody is holding on to her!

Fiona in Mary Grace's hat.


And Me in Mary Grace's hat.
We had a tun of fun! I can't wait till next friday.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mount Rushmore

Back in July 2010 when my family and I were driving to Arizona.
Shinny rocks we found while we were walking to see Mount Rushmore closer.

Me at Mount Rushmore.

On our trip to Arizona we visited lots of places and this is one!

Bloom Magazine!

Bloom Magazine is a Christian website for Christian girls, there's magazines that you can help make and design! So far we've made 2 magazines, but it's not to late to register! You can be friends and talk to other people too!
Check it out at:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silly Carter!

Carter eating an orange.
Another picture of Carter eating an orange.

Carter standing in his high chair with sweet potato all over his face.

Carter sucking on our cousins fake phone she left here when she visited about a month ago.

Carter eating cherios.

Carter in jail.(in his crib)

Carter crawled over to my desk and stood up!

Carter in my basket burried in his toys.

He grew up soo fast ;(

Photo Contest entry!!!!!

I have decided to enter a photo contest hosted by: A Simple Farmgirl.
Do you like my entry photo?

Click the link below to check it out!

The Arizona Zoo!!

Katie and Makenzie in a slide. (I think)

A pink bird.

Katie, Makenzie, and I. (I don't know were we are.)

A white bird.

Pretty Flamingos.

A REAL GIANT turtle:-0

Mom and baby Carter in a shell.

Katie and Mackenzie in a shell.

Katie and Makenzie sitting by a fake elephant.

Katie and Makenzie in a fake turtle shell.

And this is me in a fake turtle shell.


1. sixteen boxes of books arrived in the mail. If each box held one dozen books, how many books did I receive?

2. one-half of Hannibal's elephants died as they struggled over the Alps. Another one-fifth did not survive the march down Italy. What part of his elephants did Hannibal lose?

3. Rachel earned $33 dollars a day for 15 days. How much did she earn?

4. Shawn needs 80 post for the fence he is putting up. He has only nine-tenths of what he needs. How many post does Shawn have?

5. Clyde grew 1/12 of a foot last month and 1/6 of a foot this month. How much more did he grow this month than last month?

6. Ryan is making a rectangular picture frame for a picture that is 13 inches wide and 18 inches high. He can buy the wood in pieces that are 24 inches long. Will two pieces be long enough to make his frame? (first find the perimeter of his picture, then find out if 2x24 will be long enough.)

This next one I got from toco bell!

7. If you can get 12 toco's for $10, then how much would each toco cost?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is book #2

This is my new book (well not so new anymore I'm more than half way done with it!) The secrets beneath!! :D

I will now read the back to you!

Something strange is going on in Middlefeild

and Bekah is determind to find out what it is.

First her cousin, Amanda shows up to live

with them for the school year, and no one will tell

Bekah why.

When Bekah starts asking questions, Mami

and Daed tell her to mind her own business

about Amanda and the house next door. But

Bekah just can't resist her curiosity. Just when

she thinks she'll be able to crack the case, she ends

up in real danger. Are some secrets best left for God

to resolve?

When I'm done with the book I'll give you a short summary

of the book!