Friday, October 22, 2010

How Well Do You Know Me?

1. Full Name:

2. Age:

3. Birthday:

4. Nickname:

5. Favorite Color:

6. Favorite Sport:

7. Favorite Song:

8. Favorite Number:

Friday, October 8, 2010


1. What number should be multiplied by the numerator and denominator of 1/3 to make the equivalent fraction 2/6?

2. Joanne tested 2/3 of her class on multiplication. How many sixths did she test?

3. Mrs. Anderson was going to make applesause, but she had to throw away 1/7 of her apples because they were spoiled. How many fourteenths did she have to throw away?

4. If Mrs. Anderson (#3) started with 14 pounds of apples, how many did she throw away?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I miss my daddy:(

This is my sister, my dad, my dog, and me on the last
day we got to see him before we left i'm still crying:(

This is the book I'm reading its a really good book it's my favorite:D

it's called "The Mysteries Of Middlefeild: A Summer Secret by: Kathleen Fuller"

I'll read the back of the book for you: With three brothers, thirteen year old

Mary Beth is tired of boyish pranks, boyish smells, and boyish

irresponsibility. And it seems like she has more than her fair share of

responsibilities, including chores and babysitting. It's no wonder she's

found a place to hide from chaos: an abandoned barn in a neighboring

field. Sure, it's about to fall down, and mami and daed have

forbidden her to go there, but...she just needs a place to call her own.

The old barn is her secret.

Or is it? When Mary Beth discovers clues that she may not be the only

person visiting the barn, she knows her secret isn't safe anymore. But solving

the mystery leads to something unexpected...something that could put her in grave


I'll give you a full book review when i'm done :D


I thought it would be fun to put one of my hardest math problems on my blog for you to try it out (P.S. I already know the answer) So go on and give it your best!!!

David plans to build a square deck on the back of his house. He will need to build a railing around 3 sides of the deck. If each side of the square is 16 feet, how many feet of railing does he need? Be careful!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My best friends and me!!!!

This is my friend Faithlyn V.

Megan T.

They's are my friends from minnesota:D
and Samantha H.